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Corwood Manual & Christian Ludwig - Sendawoy

This is the rather unusual pairing of an author and a musician. Christian Ludwig writes novels, describes mindsets in a fragmentic and restless way that is completely his own, full of wordplay and scattered memories. As the idea grew from an impulse to set music to his novel “Sendawoy”, Berlin based multiinstrumentalist and non-sleeper Corwood Manual alias Andreas Bonkowski (Siva., SDNMT, I Might Be Wrong) was sought out and approached to set notes to words that were never written to be embedded in a musical context. Dictaphones and field recordings, tape hiss and glitchy electronics began to emerge out of nowhere, over the course of months the fragments were pieced together to form a condensed reinterpretation, an alternate angle, a carefully distorted look into a story that is a fragment in itself.

Corwood Manual & Christian Ludwig - Sendawoy

BLOOHA4 // December 22, 2011

EP // CD-R, Digital Formats

Available via Bandcamp and Gogoyoko

Here is the title track of the Sendawoy EP: