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Corwood Manual - Hideouts

This is Corwood Manual's debut release, a condensed and restless vision of letting songs transform and shapeshift until the layers blur and the constants change, until the colours of sound reveal themself. After years of remixing other artists like 65daysofstatic, EF, Jamie Lidell or Tender Forever, this is the first collection of home recorded pieces with bleeps, cuts, tape recorders and sung magic in the right place to make ears ring and hearts beat in time with rhythm. From the airy and synth-ladden title track to the bursts of “Sad Brother”, the chaotic beats of “They Painted the Sky” up to the jazz-infused electronic trickery of “Cheerio”, this EP is a multilayered view into a mind of its own.

Corwood Manual - Hideouts

BLOOHA2 // November 10, 2011

EP // CD-R, Digital Formats

Available via Bandcamp and Gogoyoko

Here are various videos and trailers for Hideouts: