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Watch an excerpt from “Counterculture” installation and sound performance by Fee Ronja Kuerten / Tellavision


Performed live at Open Studio Exhibition, Hamburg

Video by David Gutema

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Der Trichter und sein Henkel // Listen to the September edition as heard on Tide 96.0 // Guest host: Leif Gütschow

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Window Magic live at Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig on September 26th

On Sept. 26th Window Magic will perform at Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig at [ C H O R E A ] #I, sharing the bill with Cut Hands, Wolvserpent, Stefkovic van Interesse and many others. 

RVSP and read more details here!

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Der Trichter und sein Henkel // Next broadcast on September 12 with guest Leif Gütschow // 6:00 pm CET

On its September edition Der Trichter und seine Henkel welcomes Leif Gütschow to the studio, a songwriter and musician who made his mark on the Hamburg music scene in bands like Tripping the Light Fantastic, Honeyheads and FLÏRT with pop songwriting that partly draws inspiration from classic 60s pop as well as the british indie scene o the early 80s. 

Tune in via Tide 96,0

- UKW 96,0 Mhz
- Hamburger Cable Network 95,45 Mhz
- or via Livestream.


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In Progress - Tellavision - Live Recording by Tobias Levin - Filmed by the Retro Video Club - will be out soon

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Tellavision featured at

In an in depth article found at Ragazine, Fred Roberts vividly explores Hamburg’s music subculture. Tellavision is part of his excursions and you can read the whole thing here.


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Der Trichter und sein Henkel // Listen to the August edition as heard on Tide 96.0 // Guest host: Tellavision

For all you german speakers, here is the uncut August broadcast of Der Trichter und sein Henkel with guest host Tellavision. For all you non-german speakers: Tellavision brings some of her favorite tunes for you to listen to. Enjoy and stream below!

Der Trichter und sein Henkel // August 2014 by Bloody Hands Ltd. on Mixcloud

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Watch LADA play at Gängeviertel Aug 24

LADA join the birthday celebrations at Gängeviertel on August 24 to play their last live show this year. Don’t miss this and come over, all details are found here. See you!

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Watch a snippet from Window Magic & Janek Sprachta’s performance at Katapult Festival

Window Magic & Janek Sprachta's shared performance at Berlin's Katapult Festival merged both their solo projects into something new alltogether. From tape and synth loopings to glockenspiel and guitar bursts, noisy bridges and moments of clarity to a two-drumset-final, the improvised set proved to be an enhancement of both solo projects. Here is a little something from the show…


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Window Magic & Janek Sprachta perform at Katapult Festival this Friday


Patching jungle and preparations…Window MagicJanek Sprachta will perform an improvisational set at this year’s Katapult Festival in Berlin. The sets takes place this Friday, more information is found here // RVSP, too!

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Listen to Tellavision’s new song “Be It” - Taken from the tape compilation “Sie hören: Stimmen”

Here is Tellavision’s new track “Be It” - It was recorded for the tape compilation “Sie hören: Stimmen”.

Grab the compilation over here!

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Der Trichter und sein Henkel // Listen to the July edition as heard on Tide 96.0

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Sie hören: Stimmen - New Tape compilation

Sie hören: Stimmen" is new tape/digital compilation of experimental recordings done by students of HFBK and compiled by Felix Kubin who oversaw the proceedings in his seminar. Over the course of one semester the project was realized and shaped with stunning results. Voices take the center of the attention as you might get from the title of the compilation, it’s best to listen for yourself!

We are happy to make this compilation available for you today, go here for a complete stream of the tape, downloads are free. A presentation of the tape will take place tonight at HFBK Hamburg, head this way for more on that!

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New Corwood Manual single ‘Mirror Eye’ is here - Free download of digital 7”

Here comes Corwood Manual's new single, a digital 7” of unreleased material: “Mirror Eye" is a synthy chopped up exercise of dense vocal layerings, characteristically leftfield and clear in melody but packed with aural information. Listen below for the title track:

This is the first release from Corwood Manual since 2013’s “Year of Another”, which was also released in a similar manner.

Backed by “Buckminster”, a short panoramic guitar instrumental, which is brief in shape but is no less carefully layered as the a-side, this digital 7” is available for as little or as much as you like via Bandcamp. More stores are to follow soon, we keep you posted!

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