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Exclusive world premiere of Tellavision’s “Betony” VHS video via Boston Hassle

Tellavision is currently in US exile as of now, playing shows on the East Coast and as the Boston Hassle writes “The solo experimental electronic wooing of Fee Kürten has already begun to take effect.” 

The webzine is now premiering exclusively the new Tellavision video for the brooding live favorite “Betony”, recorded on VHS as part of the wonderful Retro Video Club series. Check it out here:

Catch Tellavision live at Boston Hassle Fest 6 on November 8!

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Der Trichter und sein Henkel // Listen to the October edition as heard on Tide 96.0 // Guest: Juliane Reil

Der Trichter und sein Henkel // Oktober 2014 by Bloody Hands Ltd. on Mixcloud

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Filthy Diamonds special tonight!

Tonight, live and awesome:

Filthy Diamonds at Astra Stube, Hamburg with:
The JujujusKirrin IslandBillion One
+ DJ sets by Khata and Candy

Starts 8:30 pm!


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Der Trichter und sein Henkel // Next broadcast tonight at 6 pm CET // Guest: Juliane Reil

This broadcast includes:

* a visit from Juliane Reil, radio journalists at the wonderful station

* eclectic music selection by Thomas von Volt 

* Astra-Stube 15th anniversary!

* hooplas, false assumptions, rhetorical one way tickets and… Prince

Something for everyone!

All this as usual via Tide 96.0

- auf UKW 96,0 Mhz
- Hamburg cable network 95,45 Mhz
- Livestream.

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Astra-Stube 15th anniversary matinée and sampler release

Hamburg’s finest Astra-Stube is celebrating its 15th anniversary this month, there are many occasions to visit and witness this place, and, after all: Have a ball! On Sunday Oct. 12th there will be a special matinée show + birthday sampler release party, starting on 5:30 pm sharp with Tonfang, Tintin Patrone, Porsche, Niederluft Window Electric + the Public Coffee Roasters. Jump here for more we see you there!

The Astra Stube Birthday Mixtape will be available at the matinée as a special USB stick and includes music by Asmus Tietchens, Audible Pain, Binoculers, Corwood Manual, Found, Exits To Freeways, Delay Trees, Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg, Gregory Büttner, Ilse Lau, Jetzmann, Katzenkönig, Kitty Solaris, Las Kellies, Legoluft, Mimas, Passierzettel, Plokk, Rivulets, Schwervon!, Sexual Objects, ¡Son Turistas!, Sonata Rec, Sorry Gilberto, Sport, Swearing at Motorists, Tellavision, Tonfang, TWISK, TV Buddhas, Woog Riots, Xyramat, ZEBU!



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New Tellavision US dates

Join in here, folks… More to come!

October 9, 2014 - Marmion Center for the Arts, Boston, MA // Details

October 19, 2014 - Whitehaus, Boston, MA

November 8, 2014 - Hassle Fest Extension, Somerville, MA

November 18, 2014 - Midway Cafe, Boston, MA, USA + BATHAUS & BLK BX


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New Window Magic track featured in “Bright Light, Dark Room” Podcast

Earlier this year Window Magic took part in creating the soon-to-be-available box set “Amongst Epilogues”, a tribute to the work of Giesela, a project of sound artist Lasse-Marc Riek between 2005 and 2008.

The box is to be released on the wonderful AOsmosis imprint who are featured in the latest edition of the italian podcast Bright Light, Dark Room with songs from their upcoming projects. 

In there is an excerpt of “Stratocumullus (Window Magic Reimagining)”, which will be part of the elaborate box set (it starts around the 28:20 min mark). More information on the release is gathered over here. For now enjoy the podcast!

BLDR podcast | 006 - AOsmosis Records by Brightlightdarkroom on Mixcloud

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Window Magic in Berlin last Saturday

Photo taken by the mighty Petula

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Tellazine coming?

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Window Magic in Leipzig on Sept. 26th


A quick reminder: Window Magic plays at Leipzig’s Institut fuer Zukunft this Friday, click on the flyer for the adventurous line-up of the night and all the details. See you there.

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Watch an excerpt from “Counterculture” installation and sound performance by Fee Ronja Kuerten / Tellavision


Performed live at Open Studio Exhibition, Hamburg

Video by David Gutema

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Der Trichter und sein Henkel // Listen to the September edition as heard on Tide 96.0 // Guest host: Leif Gütschow

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Window Magic live at Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig on September 26th

On Sept. 26th Window Magic will perform at Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig at [ C H O R E A ] #I, sharing the bill with Cut Hands, Wolvserpent, Stefkovic van Interesse and many others. 

RVSP and read more details here!

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Der Trichter und sein Henkel // Next broadcast on September 12 with guest Leif Gütschow // 6:00 pm CET

On its September edition Der Trichter und seine Henkel welcomes Leif Gütschow to the studio, a songwriter and musician who made his mark on the Hamburg music scene in bands like Tripping the Light Fantastic, Honeyheads and FLÏRT with pop songwriting that partly draws inspiration from classic 60s pop as well as the british indie scene o the early 80s. 

Tune in via Tide 96,0

- UKW 96,0 Mhz
- Hamburger Cable Network 95,45 Mhz
- or via Livestream.


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In Progress - Tellavision - Live Recording by Tobias Levin - Filmed by the Retro Video Club - will be out soon

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