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Sie hören: Stimmen - New Tape compilation

Sie hören: Stimmen" is new tape/digital compilation of experimental recordings done by students of HFBK and compiled by Felix Kubin who oversaw the proceedings in his seminar. Over the course of one semester the project was realized and shaped with stunning results. Voices take the center of the attention as you might get from the title of the compilation, it’s best to listen for yourself!

We are happy to make this compilation available for you today, go here for a complete stream of the tape, downloads are free. A presentation of the tape will take place tonight at HFBK Hamburg, head this way for more on that!

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New Corwood Manual single ‘Mirror Eye’ is here - Free download of digital 7”

Here comes Corwood Manual's new single, a digital 7” of unreleased material: “Mirror Eye" is a synthy chopped up exercise of dense vocal layerings, characteristically leftfield and clear in melody but packed with aural information. Listen below for the title track:

This is the first release from Corwood Manual since 2013’s “Year of Another”, which was also released in a similar manner.

Backed by “Buckminster”, a short panoramic guitar instrumental, which is brief in shape but is no less carefully layered as the a-side, this digital 7” is available for as little or as much as you like via Bandcamp. More stores are to follow soon, we keep you posted!

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Tellavision releases ‘Tellaoke’ EP

New music Friday! Tellavision's latest album 'Funnel Walk' has been in our hands only for a few months, today Fee R. Kürten brings new music to us nonetheless: 'Tellaoke' is an EP of wonderfully leftfield karaoke versions of song material from her latest LP as interpreted and performed by Carl-John Hoffmann and Thomas von Volt in their Niedervolthoudini guise, who are no strangers to the field of strangeness regarding their own entertaining excursions into karaoke territory. 6 songs are gathered on the new EP, which you can stream and buy directly at Tellavision’s site. Have fun with it, lyrics are included. So crank it up and sing along!


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Sweet Chin Music - Sound Art Souterrain at Underdog!Gallery, Hamburg tomorrow!

Join the crazies!


Ting-Jung Chen
Helge Meyer

Feat. Fee & Tintin

Vernissage on June 28, 2014

7 pm

Exhibition runs until July 13

Thursdays 1 - 6 pm
Sundays 1 - 6 pm

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Preview Tellavision’s ‘Tellaoke’ EP

Tomorrow sees the release of Tellavision new EP ‘Tellaoke’, a karaoke companion to her latest album ‘Funnel Walk’, performed and interpreted by Niedervolthoudini. Here is a first track from the set, enjoy and turn it up, more tomorrow!

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Open Studios exhibition

Join the vernissage tonight at the Open Studios of Art School Alliance in Hamburg, featuring a special sound performance by Fee R. Kürten.

Opening: Thursday, June 26, 6 pm


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Der Trichter und sein Henkel // Listen to the June edition as heard on Tide 96.0 // Guest host: Binoculers

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New Kirrin Island mixtape

Kirrin Island has some festival dates lined up, here is a new mixtape for you to warm up for them!

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Sound and Chaos - Movie screening and concert on June 14 featuring LADA

The documentary “Sound and Chaos tells Martin Bisi's story at the BC Studio in New York City, his work as a producer and engineer with influential artists from the fields of Hip Hop, Jazz, Avantgarde, Rock and Noise over the last 30 years. High rents and gentrification threaten the existence of the studio today, a place where arguably the best of NYC's music of the last three decades was recorded and created. The film shows a lot of this, from the early days where Brian Eno helped conceptualizing the studio up to the Dresden Dolls and more.

Hamburg’s Westwerk is presenting an evening with Martin Bisi, who is touring with his latest album “Ex Nihil”, as well as the invincible LADA and the young hopefuls of Tonfang. 

Westwerk, Hamburg
Doors at 8 pm
Movie screening “Sound and Chaos
Live: Martin Bisi, LADA, Tonfang


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Der Trichter und sein Henkel // Next edition with guest Binoculers on June 13


After a two month hiatus Der Trichter und sein Henkel returns tomorrow with its June edition: Binoculers guests this month’s episode and brings much more than her own music to the programme. But listen for yourself!

All this and more as usual on Tide 96,0

6 pm CET
UKW 96,0 Mhz
Hamburg Cabel network auf 95,45 MHzor 
or online via Live stream

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TWISK video for René Huthwelker remix

TWISK just premiered a new music video via Zolinsagt for ‘Dawn Nation (Idon Twanna)’, a remix by René Huthwelker for their most recent remix EP ‘TOO’. Filmed on various low key video devices and edited by counterproduct, enjoy!

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Bowery Bird NO.1 is here

Kirrin Island just landed his latest coup: ‘Bowery Bird’ magazine NO.1 is available now with drawing, comic and photography inspired by KiRRiN iSLAND’s music: Works by Jannis Esselbrügge, Moki and SFA Zentrale are included in the first issue. Here is an advert by e_mol that somehow hasn’t found its way into the zine. Cheers!

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Bowery Bird NO.1 - Kirrin Island issue magazine release on May 30

The Bowery Bird zine features many artists from the fields of photography, design, comic and digital art that present their view of an artist/musician. Kirrin Island is the first artist to be featured in this new magazine, and to celebrate this occasion the release of the first issue is going to take place at Kraniche bei den Elbbrücken on May 30, featuring live performances by Liam Back and Kirrin Island as well as a few exhibits. All the details are here, see you there!


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TWISK’s remix EP ‘TOO’ is available now!

'TOO' is a collection of new edits and versions derived from songs taken from TWISK's debut album album 'TWO' - It is available now for as little or as much as you can give. The release party at Hamburg's Golem on May 22 was a lovely affair, thanks to everyone who was part of the game. Cause as you know, only many parts make a party! Click on the artwork below for a full stream and all the tricky details of the EP:


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